Edu Programs

Below are the educational programs that you can attend at Houbii Club

Houbii Sport Academy provides a healthy lifestyle in a safe, positive environment. We provide structured training that encourages learning, exploring, and pushing limits.

This program is designed for babies and toddlers and is fun, safe, and forever stress-free.

Houbii provides a safe place for kids to play and learn with their school friends with our school trip fields program.

Houbii Soft Play is a playground for babies and toddlers to develop their creativity, it is safe and fun and also it is FREE!

Ayo selesaikan misimu di hero track game program, latih kemampuanmu dan dapatkan hadiah menarik dari Houbii!

Program seru untuk mengisi waktu liburan kamu, asah kemampuan dan bakat kamu di Houbii Club yuk!


For more detailed information about the events and programs that you want to join, please contact our admin for the information. 

Terima kasih atas ketertarikannya pada program Houbii Little Gym, namun saat ini program tersebut sedang dihentikan sementara