Houbii Sport Academy

Here's the Houbii Sport Academy training program.

Houbii Sport Academy

Show off those tricks of yours! Time to skill-up! You've been doing amazing this year, and now it's time to take it up a notch and blast out those impressive spins.
Show everything you got in Houbii Sport Academy, train, and push yourself to the limit!

Houbii Sport Academy provides a positive and safe environment for you to train, learn, and explore your talents! We designed this program with visions to help you develop your character. We also teach our students to always be disciplined, be confident, and have a competitive character. Houbii Sport Academy uses an environment that is adapted from the International Australian Gymnastics curriculum. There are 3 main programs for Houbii Sport Academy, which is : Trampolin Class, Taekwondo Class, and Aerobic Gymnastic Class. Houbii Sport Academy – Kelas Taekwondo, dan Houbii Sport Academy – Kelas Gymnastic Aerobic.

Houbii Sport Academy provides a healthy lifestyle in a safe, positive environment. We provide structured training that encourages learning, exploring, and pushing limits.

Special program of Houbii for kids and teenagers. A Taekwondo class coach by a professional teacher which is fun and entertaining.

Houbii Sport Academy - Aerobic Gymnastic class is design to develop flexibility and good physical build for the member.

Belajar beragam variasi gerakan dance Korean Pop Culture Bersama ahlinya langsung di Houbii Club.

Selain bermanfaat untuk kesehatan, gerakan tari daerah juga akan membentuk dan melatih daya kognitif otak anak-anak.

Mainkan melodi musik tradisional angklung sambil melestarikan budaya nusantara.

Kelas khusus untuk belajar dance modern kontemporer untuk anak dan remaja.

Zumba dapat meningkatkan produksi hormon endorfin di dalam tubuh, sehingga menjadi aktif dan enerjik, serta membakar kalori lebih banyak.

Mainkan melodi musik tradisional angklung sambil melestarikan budaya nusantara.


For more detailed information about the events and programs that you want to join, please contact our admin for the information. 

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