Houbii Little Gym

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Houbii Little Gym

A training program that is designed for toddlers and children. It is a fun, safe, and stress-relieving program for children. This program focuses on children's physical, cognitive and sensory abilities, as well as improving children's social skills to make friends with their peers.


Babies and toddlers are guided to move and exercise. This session requires participants to move and exercise for about 30 minutes, guided by a professional instructor that is designed for a mini-park playground. This training helps develop motor skills, coordination, and balance that will later be used in the game which requires focus and concentration.


Our programs are created and designed by certified professional Trainers. In each session, all participants, children, and toddlers will be physically trained, to learn new things. The training will be conducted in English and will cover a variety of subjects such as Mathematics, Natural Sciences, also Music, and Poetry. This training is an educational program for a healthy mind and body.


A lovely class that starts and ends with introductions of friends & family meant to bond and share moments of happiness together. Parents and children will laugh and make lots of memories together, by singing, learning about poetry and fairytales, and more. This is an experience to be forever remembered and cherished by all members of the family.

Age limit for children that can join this program

This program is for toddlers and children aged between 1.5 years - 3.5 years old.

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